Job consultancy in India

Job consultancy in India
Job Consultants in India

Career counselors are available to meet individually with students and alumni through every step in their career exploration, and internship and job searches. Through partnering with career counselors, you benefit from personalized guidance on setting and maintaining career goals, gaining self and industry awareness, building career networks, and making informed and fulfilling career choices.

No matter what stage in your career search process, we encourage you to dedicate time to one-on-one counseling early and often to maximize your chances of identifying and securing opportunities.


Career counselors are available for individual appointments in several different ways:

Quick Question Hours – for quick questions, meet with a career counselor without an appointment on a first-come, first-served basis.

Counseling Sessions – whether you are just starting out, unsure of your career direction or want help with tailoring your job hunt to a specific industry, progress in your search with the advice and support of a career counselor.

Practice Interviews – whether you have an interview scheduled or are working on getting more comfortable in general interview situations, gain confidence with a practice interview.



Career Assessment Tools – career counselors can guide you on taking and interpreting career assessment tools, through which you learn how your interests, values, skills, and personality match up with various work environments and tasks. This work can help you to decide among career options or identify and expand career choices.

Dossier Service – CCE in partnership with Interfolio maintains individual files containing letters of recommendation for graduate students and alumni of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, School of the Arts, Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation, School of Continuing Education, Columbia Engineering, and for undergraduate students and alumni of the School of General Studies.

Site Visit Program – Provides a fun and interactive way to learn about the world of work with insider views into the work and culture of different organizations and industries.